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Nicole Ferrier

Stronger • Confident • Sustainable Bodies


What Coaching Means to me.

Living a fit and active life is so much more than a look. It’s a feeling. It changes your perspective on how you see and carry yourself and it can truly change your life.

Through proper training and nutrition I have been able to not only transform my life but also the lives of over a 100 women. I believe in sustainability and not quick fit results. As a trainer I am also an educator. My goal for my clients is to educate them in and out of the gym towards their fitness goals.

Why is Fitness so Important to me?

Fitness brought me more than strength, it brought me freedom to be the confident woman that I am today. Nourishing my body properly and focusing on building myself up mentally and physically truly changed my life. My mission is to set women free of diet culture and to realize their worth, strength and beautiful their bodies are.


Fall in Love with taking care of your body