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Together we focus on both the mental and physical changes involved in a lifestyle change. That includes both my lifestyle and bikini prep clients. As a team we fight for fit, balanced and sustainable physiques! 

Before working with Nicole I lacked so much self confidence. I have reached a point with my body where I knew I needed to make a change. I never tracked macros before working with here and had some experience in the gym. I was struggling with my weight gain that had happened over the past few years in college. I was ready to make a change starting 2018. Together Nicole and I tracked macros and she held me accountable each week. It wasn’t always easy and I struggled sometimes but Nicole helped me push through all my self doubt. I now am 30 pounds less and finally feel confident in a bikini again and most importantly, I feel healthy. I am looking forward to continue my fitness goals while implementing everything Nicole has taught me.
— Kayla

Nicole as a personal trainer is everything you would want, she is inspiring, encouraging and knowledgeable. I was a newbie to lifting and the gym, she was very patient and uplifting while teaching me movements that were foreign to me. She not only helped me lose a couple extra pounds but helped me start building the muscle I was looking for while eating the most I ever have. I can’t say enough good things about Nicole. She is everything I was looking for in a personal trainer and I cannot wait to continue my health journey with her by my side.
— Amy

In the few months that I’ve been able to work with Nicole, she was so supportive, accessible, and knowledgeable. I’m a student, and being healthy is something that I want to prioritize, but I also want to be a college student and travel and have fun. While working with her, I was able to go on spring break, and she helped me make healthy choices and supported me with phone conferences and texting back and forth when healthy wasn’t exactly an option. I had to put in the work, but she created a plan for me to be successful and supported me the whole way through. There are good days and bad days, for sure, but she pumps you up on your good days and puts you in the right mindset when you aren’t seeing the progress you want. I love working with her and look forward to continuing to learn from her.
— Abby

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Nicole is an amazing coach and an incredible competitor. After being an athlete my whole life, I needed to transition from competing as a college athlete. I decided to work with Nicole to become a bikini competitor due to her experience in the sport. It is my first season of competing and she has taught me so much. Thanks to her coaching and guidance I am already competing in my first professional qualifier next weekend! She not only helps me with my fitness goals, but cares about me, and all of her clients on a personal level. She writes my workout program, helps me with meal planning and checks in with me regularly to answer any questions I have.
Nicole is passionate about fitness and helping her clients find success and achieve their goals. It is more than a job for her, which makes her a great coach. Whether it is weight loss, gaining muscle mass, or training to compete, Nicole has the skills and the tools to help people succeed. Nicole Ferrier Fitness is growing and thriving and I am excited to continue to be her client through my fitness journey!
— Rachel

I have had coaches and trainers throughout my entire athletic career and I’ve never had a trainer quite like Nicole. She is a trainer who is so diligent and caring. She never seizes to pick me up out of my funk. Nicole is one of those people that you feel instantly connected to. I truly believe that choosing her as my trainer, allowed me to build a life long connection with her. She not only makes me feel like I can do anything athletically, but she makes me feel like I could do anything, period. I aspire to be as beautiful as Nicole, inside and out.
— Emily

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So, anyone who knows me knows my weight has been something I heavily have focused and obsessed on the past two years. At the beginning of 2016, I weighed 195lbs (Pic A) and nearly everything about my life then was different to how it is now. I then lost 55lbs, weighing in at 130lbs and still, did not feel nearly pretty or skinny enough. I wanted more and more results. Then, over the course of 6 months, I gained some back, here and there. I have not gotten anywhere near where I started and for the sake of my health, I am thankful for that but my inconsistency and mental health left something to be desired in my health and appearance. Now, tonight, I reached a personal goal of mine since re-committing to my health and I am thrilled (Pic B) . However, I have learned sooooo much through all my trial and error over the past two years. 1st, INSECURITY IS NOT A SIZE. I said that louder for the folks in the back, doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, everyone gets insecure. I was insecure at 195, I was insecure at 130, I’m insecure now at 148. Learning to love yourself in world that constantly wants you to hate who you are is sooooo incredibly hard. I struggle every. Single. Day. 2nd, you are the only person that has to be happy with you. You are your only competition, your biggest support, and at the end of the day, the only person who can make yourself happy. 3rd, the people who love you through everything are the greatest blessing on this planet. Throughout this insanely hard year, I have realized who my real people are and I’m stronger for it. So I’m going to do me, better then I ever have and grow more confident and happier and content with who I am and I hope you all take the challenge to do the same shoutout to coach Nicole Ferrier it because I’ve followed you on the gram for like 6+ months and I think your amazing and working with you now has me so excited for my future progress.
— Cat

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Nicole and I met at one of my shows last spring and from then on stayed in contact. I decided to work with Nicole after struggling with the transiting of comp prep to real life, after 10 months of weighing everything I put in my mouth and finding out the transition back to normal or real life eating was a lot harder than I anticipated. I reached out to Nicole shortly after becoming engaged wanting to get back on track before my wedding. She helped me break free of the daily struggle of I’m not comp lean but now I’m healthy lean. If you’re considering a coach that is personable and loves each and everyone of her clients choose nicole! I’ve learned so much from her and continue to follow her journey and support her in her goals. Nicole is very knowledgeable when it comes health and wellness and enjoys helping others and it shows. Having Nicole help me with my diet was just what I needed to hold myself accountable well planning my wedding.
— Meg

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I don’t do it for the swimsuit competition; I do it for my health. The body is a fascinating thing, and I believe it’s our job to take care of it. The Miss America Organization has taught me the importance of this in order to live my life to the fullest. Moreover, I’ve learned the true meaning of motivation, determination, and drive. I pushed my body to the limit during my prep for Miss Ohio 2018 (cue the blood, sweat and tears). Having a naturally curvy body type, nothing about my experience was easy. The point is though, it was WORTH IT. I have never felt so confident, strong, and powerful. This weekend marked likely the last time I will ever be in a swimsuit onstage, but that doesn’t mean I will stop caring for my body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of who I am, and I can’t wait to see how much improvement I can make by this time next year. My heart and sincere gratitude goes out to Nicole Ferrier, who empowers me to be my best self every single day. Nicole has taught me to love my body & to take care of it — not just for competition, but for my life. There is something so special about women supporting women, and that’s what Nicole’s fitness program is all about. Always take the time to encourage others on their journey. We rise by lifting others, one pound at a time.
— Madeline

After having my first child I knew that I wanted to hire a coach to help me get back on track. Nicole was exactly what I was looking for. She is accessible, knowledgeable and celebrates the victories with you. We broke through plateaus that I’ve had for over a year and in 5 weeks I have lost over 10lbs. In addition she keeps my mental health in check with off the scale reminders of progress and does not stress the number on the scale. We are planning big things for my future fitness journey and I can’t wait to continue with Nicole!
— Sam


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