ONE ON ONE Coaching

Customized nutrition program & training program to help educate & guide you toward your personal fitness goals.

One on One coaching allows for you to gain the accountability you need to reach your ultimate potential when it comes to your fitness goals. With One on One coaching you will be working directly with Nicole to accomplish your fitness goals.

I understand that it can be challenging to accomplish your fitness goals on your own. You may be second guessing every approach you take and turning to extremes for answers.

Maybe you are even hopping on fad diets and restricting calories extremely low.

You can break the cycle with One on One coaching where you will learn how to track macros and fully understand flexible dieting. You are going to be held accountable with weekly check ins and even monthly phone consults to keep you on course. Not only will you get guidance on your nutrition but also your workouts. One on One coaching will provide you with a weight training split that is based upon your needs and goals as a client. These workouts will be progressed during the duration of your coaching. Lastly, you will have unlimited access to me via email and the private Facebook community.

What’s included

  • Weekly Check ins

  • Monthly Phone Calls

  • Custom Macros with Sample Meal Plan

  • Weight Training Split Based on Your Goals

  • Custom Cardio Recommendations

  • Cardio Guide

  • Ab Guide

  • Grocery List

  • Full tutorials on how to track your macros and your training

  • Unlimited access via email in via the private Facebook Group

Gym membership is not required

Nourish by Nicole Subscription Base Coaching

Do you want to gain guidance in the gym?

Are you wanting to learn how to track macros on your own?

Are you wanting to invest in yourself but not sure if you are ready for One on One coaching?

That is why I created Nourish by Nicole

Nourish by Nicole is a subscription program. Where you can get a taste of One on One coaching at a fraction of the cost.

What All Is Included

 Subscribers will receive a set weight training split that will have you weight training in the gym 5x a week. These workouts specifically will target your glutes, shoulders, legs and abs. The workout split will be updated every 4 weeks to switch up your gym routine and keep you progressing and excited in the gym!

Advance training techniques guide with tips on how to progress the workouts

Cardio guide with 6 sample routines and a breakdown of how to perform LISS, MISS and HIIT

Ab guide with 6 full routines

2 Macro eBooks to learn How to Create your Own Meal Plan out of your macros and all about What are Macros with food suggestions under each macro.

Monthly sample meal plan with meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks

Unlimited questions in the private FB group where you will have access to Nicole and coach Brielle

This program is conducted in a private Facebook group and is not a customized program nor does it include customized macros. A gym membership is required for this program

The cost for the program is $25 monthly and is set on a reoccurring billing.


Before working with Nicole I lacked so much self confidence. I have reached a point with my body where I knew I needed to make a change. 


Kayla, down 30lbs!

Kayla, down 30lbs!

It's time to ditch the quick fix and make this a lifestyle change!

I like to focus on the big picture. That means mind and body transformations. Rather that be through gaining more self love and confidence around food, or learning about macros and proper training techniques. I am an educator, with my background in exercise science and nutrition my goal to to educate and guide  my clients throughout their journey. Everyone's journey is unique, but our end goal is for you to gain the tools and knowledge to do this on your own! I want my clients to gain independence in the gym, be CONFIDENT in themselves and learn how food will help to fuel their goals.

 I am a firm believer in tracking macros because it will not only get you the results you want, but it will educate you about food. Education and clarity will lead to food freedom which is the end goal for all my clients. I know as a macro tracker myself, that I have the most variety and have learned proper portion sizing for myself and my goals through tracking. For my clients who would like more structure I do offer meal plans. My meal plans are a flexiable meal plan which allows for my clients to switch out foods. Meal plans are a great base for anyone who is wanting to start their fitness journey but are nervous to track or not ready to take on macros.

This is not DIET coaching or for those who want a quick fix. This is a LIFESTYLE change you will be making with me by your side.  Together we will shift your mindset from diet to an effortless balanced lifestyle. Balance means sustainability which will yield to the results you have been looking for. Forget the yo yo crash diets and diet pills. Together we can shift your mindset from lack of clarity and diet obsessed to a clear path of success and food freedom.