complete Contest Prep

I offer a complete approach to getting on stage as a competitor. This approach will include both your diet and training program alongside with my support as a coach to guide you to the stage. As a competitor myself, I know the commitment required to be successful in bodybuilding. I cover every aspect of getting on stage so that there is no extra stress in the months, weeks and days leading up to a contest. Some of the most commonly feared items such as (peak week strategies, color, posing/stage presence, suit choice, music choice, pre-contest motivation, post-contest mind set, and more).

I will offer a full assessment of where your physique is and how long it will take you to get into stage condition. I prefer to diet clients using the slow fat loss approach to ensure muscle retention and a healthy transition. For the diet, it depends on the client's preference for a meal plan vs tracking macros. Regardless all clients will have flexibility when it comes to their food choices. Clients are required to check in weekly and to commit to at least a 12 week prep. I do limit the number of clients I work with at one time to ensure the proper amount of personal attention is paid.

  • Preps need to be at least 12 weeks long in duration “some may qualify for shorter preps.”

  • Log sheet to track your progress

  • Customized macros or meal plan which are adjusted weekly

  • Customized weighting training program to enhance your glutes, shoulders and abs

  • Cardio recommendations suggested time and type with alterations each week

  • Macro informative eBook

  • Welcome Packet with over 15 meal ideas

  • Weekly check ins via email with adjustments to your program

  • Private Facebook group access

  • 30 minute monthly touch base calls

  • Phone consult required prior

  • Previous lifting experience required